My Vintage Macs

Vintage Macs

(they're not vintage to me)

Okay, maybe I lied in the subtitle thing. A couple are vintage. But for the most part, these are the computers I grew up with. If I didn't have them when I was a kid, they were the models I always wanted. Thankfully, these are now dirt cheap and still shockingly usable.

You might say: "But kallisti! How do you use computers from 20 years ago for anything modern?"

The answer is mostly thanks to an awesome community of users that have spent a hell of an amount of time keeping these systems useful, and the fact that old software doesn't go off.

My typical PowerPC Mac setup goes something like this:

I have a silly naming scheme for computers in my house where they're named after Star Trek ship classes - you'll see these in the subheader on each page and also on their wallpapers cause I'm terrible like that.

Proudly made on my iMac G5

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