My Vintage Macs

iMac G5 (17", 2004)


This is the iMac G5 I make this website on!

It's the original revision iMac G5 - the 1.8GHz model. I got this on eBay for a steal, and while it's not the model I had as a kid, it's close enough. I was lucky enough to get it with the RAM already maxed out (2GB), and I popped in a spare SSD I had knocking around.

When I got it, it had an extremely loud CPU fan where the bearing must have gone. It was almost unbearably loud and almost impossible to use. Shockingly there are still sites out there like The Bookyard who still stock replacement parts for computers this old! I got a replacement fan from them and began the long and arduous task of stripping this Mac down all the way to put fresh thermal paste on and swap out the fan.

This was particularly scary/a triumph for me as when my childhood G5 gave up the ghost, I opened it up and was just instantly scared by it, so to come back some years later and competently take one all the way apart felt really great.

After a bit of TLC, it's a great machine - and plenty fast enough to the point where in a push, you could totally use it as your day-to-day computer.

Proudly made on my iMac G5

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