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15 January 2023

After a long absence, deleted the music section and replaced it with an iPods one

23 July 2022

Added a page for my NCR Alps keyboard

20 June 2022 (2)

Joined more webrings, fleshed out cat/about pages

20 June 2022

Added a bunch of vintage macs, prettified, joined Hotline Webring

19 June 2022

Site go brr, we are online

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This is my little zone on the internet. Like apparently a bunch of other people, I miss the days when there was fun stuff to find online. There was something special about the early internet, you peered into the lives of other people that you just didn't know in the slightest, but you saw it in the sense of what they truly cared about.

Admittedly, in my case back then, that was my terribly made fansite for Major Carter from Stargate SG-1, but wasn't that the cool part?

It wasn't seeing other people's lives in terms of jostling for likes or looking for clout, or portraying fake "#goals" bullshit. I miss that. I guess if you found this you miss it too.

So - here's what I care about. If you got this far, why not stay a while and have a look around?


Proudly made on my iMac G5

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